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A Non-Invasive, Drug Free Pain Relief for Animals and People

Kre8ing Waves (pronounced just like Creating Waves) uses PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) therapy machine that is applied through a coil or mat.

This type of modality is great for any Animal including People too!
Please note that we cannot use this on those who have an electrical/battery operated implant such as pacemaker, nor those whom are pregnant/foal.

PEMF has been around for a long time, even dates back to the time Tesla was around!

Kerrie has a dream and loves to work with animals especially dogs and horses. Her dreams of opening a Canine Hydrotherapy and rehab centre in the Airdrie area is what first brought her to hear about the PEMF therapy. After the research and finding out all of the benefits of the Magna Wave as well as the studies that have been completed in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia, made her see that this is something that would be amazing for the pets and people in Airdrie (the technology itself has even been studied (and is being used) by NASA!)

Kerrie is all about wanting to help those suffering with pain, as she herself deals with chronic knee/back/wrist and feet problems. With the help of the PEMF Magna Wave, her pain has subsided considerably without increasing pain medication!

The Magna Wave is the first step to helping pets and people with pain relief all Non-Invasive and DRUG FREE!!

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Benefits for Pets/Small Animals

Help your pets with better mobility, increase circulation and so much more

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Benefits for People

Help with your pain relief when it comes to Arthritis, breaks/fractures/sprains, joint pains and so much more! Visit The Benefits for People Page that has a list of multiple issues that may be helped with the use of PEMF

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